• Naman Bhandari

Digital Marketing in the new age

In these tough times, where people have stopped going out. Getting everything online is a new trend. From everyday staples & groceries to large appliances, more and more people are shifting to this new normal of finding everything online. Basically, if you're not online, you don't exist.

Even if youre online, it is hard to get the user's attention. To get yourself noticed on the web. You need to market yourself online, This is essentially what's known as digital marketing.

But how do you go on about it? Spamming people's inbox with the services you provide is now old school. You need to show how you add value to them, what can your product do to help make your life easy.

This is where social media comes into play, not just Facebook, but the new market is Instagram and LinkedIn, and a whole different audience on Youtube

Just listing your ad on Facebook and Instagram won't solve your problem, you would need to attract their attention else they will just swipe you from their stories. You need to create a meaningful advert that not only attracts their eyeballs but also market your product. Case in point, the great brand Amul & Zomato, they never promote their products on Social Media, but they regularly post fun informative content that gets viral on social media and gets them the necessary traction. It promotes their brand as well as helps build them a loyal fanbase online.

This is what new-age social media marketing is. To touch the consumer's heart so that they remember you and your business, not just your product.

We at Take it Easy, take pride in being Social Media experts, we manage multiple social media accounts of influencers that have more than 20,000 followers.

Are you looking to increase your visibility online, then contact us for a detailed discussion!

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